Deutsche Kammerphilarmonie Bremen concert at Teatro del Lago

Joining the campaign started by the great theatres in the world, Teatro del Lago will broadcast titles such as Cóppelia, The Animal Carnival and Cantata de los Oficios, starring prominent artists, students from the School of Arts and choirs from the south of Chile.



In order for music and the arts to accompany families in these moments of confinement and prevention of the coronavirus and for culture to continue alive, Teatro del Lago will broadcast free and online the best productions of its nine artistic-educational seasons.



Saturday August 1, 5 pm: Concert by the Deutsche Kammerphilarmonie Bremen from Germany.

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“Desde el Lago / From the lake” is the name of this digital initiative, through which the Theatre will share weekly through its website, the shows performed by great artists together with the students of the Teatro del Lago School of the Arts. These are outstanding productions belonging to the institution and which have been an essential part of the training of the more than 6,000 students that the School of the Arts had from its beginnings in 2007. In addition, during the week of the premiere, material will be shared audiovisual, pedagogical, interviews and backstage typical of the production, through the Teatro del Lago networks and website ( in order to learn secrets and enjoy each of the works more.


This Saturday, August 1 at 5:00 pm, a concert by the Deutsche Kammerphilarmonie Bremen from Germany, which was presented in September 2011 on the main stage of Teatro del Lago, will be broadcast online for free.


One of the most important chamber groups in Europe, recognized for its unique style with which it has delighted audiences around the world, at the time came to Teatro del Lago and South America for the first time. On the occasion the 38 musicians, headed by the renowned violinist and director, Christian Tetzlaff and performed an unforgettable repertoire, composed of works by Mozart, Schönberg, Haydn and Mendelssohn.


Christian Tetzlaff is considered one of the most important German violonists of his generation. His interpretations of the violin concerto repertoire, whether from the classical, romantic, 20th century or contemporary period are appreciated worldwide.


This concert is part of the “International Cycle” that will be broadcast by Teatro del Lago, through its digital platform “Desde el Lago”, every Saturday in August at 17:00 (


“Culture plays a fundamental role in this challenging moment, giving us joy, hope and humanity. That is why we join the campaign that the great theatres and opera houses of the world have started and we do it by sharing our educational productions, which are at the center of our vocation as Theatre and School from Frutillar to the world “, explains Cecilia Bravo, Director of Art & Innovation at the Teatro del Lago Foundation.


To carry out this new project, which will last for the period of the Covid 19 emergency, artists such as Esdras Hernández, Claudia Yolin, La Llave Maestra and Sebastián Errázuriz, have generously assigned the rights to their works to be shared with the public.

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Transmission of the ballet Cóppelia, premiered in July 2019 in Frutillar. With the choreography of Esdras Hernández, the scenery and costume design of the outstanding national creator Pablo Núñez and the lighting design of Claudia Yolín, this work tells the story of Dr. Coppélius, a toymaker, and his Coppélia doll, inspired by Gepetto and Pinocchio, where love for his own creation exceeds reality.


The Animal Carnival, in a new proposal made in November 2018 by Teatro del Lago, which combines orchestral music and 2D animation. The work, one of the most famous by the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns, is performed by the Camerata and the Piccolo Orchestra of the School of Arts, to the sound of a series of scenes inspired by the animals in the musical suite, developed by the PunkRobot studio, creator of Story of a Bear.


La Cantata de Los Oficios, a work specially commissioned by Teatro del Lago and the Ibáñez Atkinson Foundation from the national composer Sebastián Errázuriz, as part of the program You Can Sing. Performed and premiered on October 18, 2018 in Espacio Tronador, by more than 300 children from 17 choirs in southern Chile, the Cantata addresses the tasks that were important for the development of the Lake Llanquihue Basin, many of them in force until today . 


“The Passion according to San Mateo” presented in Frutillar in 2013 by the Johann Sebastian Bach Ensemble, under the baton of the prestigious German director Helmuth Rilling, was the concert with which Teatro del Lago commemorated Easter in its free digital initiative, “From the Lago “. A title that presents the suffering and death of Christ according to the Gospel of Saint Matthew and that is considered a central work in the history of music.


Pedrito y el Lobo, it is one of the most recognized classical works by Sergei Prokofiev. It tells the story of Pedro and a series of animals represented by the different instruments of the orchestra. For this version created for Teatro del Lago and which was presented in August 2019 and January 2020, a novel multidisciplinary adaptation was made that revisits the work, incorporating current themes such as bullying and integration, in addition to adding dance and theater to the scene.


The orchestra formed for this version was made up of students from the School of the Arts and the Teatro del Lago Ensemble, as well as invited musicians, all conducted by Miguel Morán, a talented Spanish conductor with a strong pedagogical vocation. Pedrito y el Lobo also had the participation of dancers and the Youth Choir of the School of the Arts. The choreography was in charge of the choreographer and soloist of the Santiago Ballet, Esdras Hernández and the integral design and theatrical direction was carried out by the outstanding company La Llave Maestra.


Sunrise Mass, one of the star performances of the Teatro del Lago Easter Festival in 2019, will be broadcast. Theater artists along with advanced students from the Instrumental, Choral and Dance areas of the Escuela de the Arts, interpreted the work of the Norwegian composer and pianist Ola Gjeilo, with the choreographic creation of the Spanish Avatâra Ayuso, artist in residence at Teatro del Lago in 2019. They were joined by the talent of the outstanding Chilean director, Paolo Bortolameolli, who he conducted the Teatro del Lago International Academy Orchestra, specially formed for this premiere through a call.


Waltzes to dream is a musical selection of the concert performed at the end of 2018 by the Teatro del Lago Ensemble to end the year with the best waltzes by composers such as Strauss, Tchaikovsky and Dvorák.


The wonder of the waltz and its composition, associated with the magnificence and elegance of imperial Vienna, will reach the homes of the country in the performance of the chamber music group formed by Nicolás Faunes (flute), Luis Damián Ortiz (violin), Sara Marigómez (viola), Pablo Silva (cello) and Cristina Naranjo (piano) and guest musicians Alejandro Cárcamo (viola) and Mathias Méndez (double bass).


The origins of the waltz date back to the 12th century, such as folk dances danced in the Tyrol region (Austria). In the 18th century it spread throughout Europe, making it very well-known in the citizenship and, later, in the halls of the upper bourgeoisie, gaining a popularity that lasts until today and that has inspired the greatest composers.


The magical spirit of Nutcracker, the most emblematic creation of M. Petipa and P.I. Tchaikovsky, will be presented through the digital platform From the Lake. A successful version of the choreographer Esdras Hernández, starring more than 140 students from the dance area of ​​the Teatro del Lago School of the Arts and created especially for them.


The ballet also includes the national dancer Max Benítez and the stars of the National Ballet of Cuba, Anette Delgado and Dani Hernández, who perform the iconic Grand Pas de Deux of this ballet, dazzling the public with their technique and virtuosity.


Die Zauberflöte, the opera presented in 2012 at the Teatro del Lago Tronador space, will also reach the public digitally in “Desde el Lago”. The lyrical production has the régie of Christian Boesch, one of the most important Papagans in history and the cast is made up of prominent figures from the Chilean lyric such as Evelyn Ramírez, Constanza Dörr, Andrea Aguilar, Gonzalo Araya and David Gaéz, in addition to international singers like Insung Sim and Ekaterina Lekhina. Artistic bodies from Valdivia, Santiago and Panguipulli came together to make this lyrical production a reality: The Valdivia Chamber Orchestra, the Chamber Choir of the Catholic University of Chile and the Panguipulli Choir.


The musical direction is in charge of the director Pedro Pablo Prudencio, the scenery in the hands of the Teatro del Lago technical team created by the national artist Germán Droghetti, who also designed the costumes for this production. While the lighting design was the responsibility of the American Clifton Taylor.


“The Passion” by FJ Haydn, performed by the Orquesta Academia Internacional Teatro del Lago, will be broadcast free of charge and on the digital platform “Desde el Lago” in 2019 within the framework of the Easter Festival, directed by the outstanding Chilean director Paolo Bortolameolli. The orchestra specially summoned for that musical encounter, was made up of young musicians from Chile and Latin America, fully awarded by Teatro del Lago.


Paolo Bortolameolli is one of the most outstanding and versatile Latin American musical talents today and the Chilean director with the most international projection of his generation. In April 2019, he was invited to conduct the Orquesta Academia Internacional Teatro del Lago, an excellent orchestral training experience carried out every year by the institution for musicians from all latitudes, in order to deepen and exchange knowledge at a technical and interpretive level.


Concert “Pasión Española”, performed in December 2019 at Teatro del Lago, by the Teatro del Lago Ensemble together with the digital platform “Desde el Lago”, will be broadcast free of charge to invited artists. Attendees will enjoy the creations, motivations, history and inspiration of Spanish composers such as Agustín Lara (1897-1970), Pablo de Sarasate (1844-1908), Enrique Granados (1867-1916) and Miguel Ortega (Spain, 1963). Music by composers from the Iberian Peninsula from north to south, works from the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century: Granada, Romanza Andaluza and Intermezzo de Goyescas, to name a few.


Love stories that inspired iconic compositions that will invite the public to a musical journey through Spain, its history and the world, performed by the chamber music group based in Frutillar. A varied repertoire performed by the musicians of the Teatro del Lago Ensemble together with the Spanish soprano Laura Brasó and the Chileans: Luis Castro on guitar, Camila Pérez on violin and the students from the Teatro del Lago School of Arts: José Imilpan on violin and Santiago Cortéz on viola.


To celebrate Father’s Day, Teatro del Lago will broadcast free and online “Music of Movies”, a concert performed by Ensamble Teatro del Lago and guest musicians in which they make an emotional journey through the musical memory of the seventh art, through a staging that includes screenings, music and guest artists.


The musicians perform well-known soundtracks from films such as Jurassic Park, El día que me quieres, Cinema Paradiso, Forrest Gump, Perfume de Mujer, La Misión, Casablanca, among other film hits. This is the selection of the best of the “Music for Movies” concerts held in 2017 and 2018, by the Ensemble Teatro del Lago, a show that 2018 led them to take their first international leap by performing on the most famous stage of Uruguay: Teatro Solís.


The presentation has the special participation of Jean-Paul Hard on piano and harpsichord; bassists Mathias Méndez and Freddy Vega; the percussionist Manuel Páez and the violinist Hans Vásquez.


“Music from Movies” is part of the series dedicated to the Teatro del Lago Ensemble in which, every Saturday in June until the first weekend of July at 7:00 pm on “Desde el Lago”, they are broadcast free of charge a selection of the best concerts performed by this group. On June 27 it is the turn of “Impressionism: The spirit of Paris” and on July 4, “From Russia with love”.


Concert “The Spirit of Paris” will be broadcast, free of charge, by the Teatro del Lago Ensemble . It is a selection of the best pieces of the concert held in 2018 by this group, in which they make a tour of Impressionist Paris at the end of the 19th century, the one that dialogues with painting and literature, going as far as music. The repertoire includes the works Prelude to a Faun’s Nap, Petite Suite and Moonlight by the French composer Claude Debussy. The concert pays tribute to his work, style and legacy, since that year was precisely the centenary of his death.


Impressionism was born in France and was initially defined by painting with artists such as Claude Monet, Edgard Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Paul Cézanne. Subsequently, it became a generalized artistic movement, reaching music and characterized by freedom and experimentation in both rhythmic and harmonic terms, with Claude Debussy being the most recognized composer of this artistic movement.


“His contribution has been felt throughout the XX and XXI centuries, both in France and in the rest of the world, becoming a source of inspiration and example for composers from the most diverse latitudes and styles. Faced with a markedly post-romantic and academic environment, Debussy responds with a completely renewed outlook, based, on the one hand, on his research on archaic and extra-European music, and on the other, on his close relationship with contemporary writers and painters, whom he most Later they would generally be called “impressionists”, explains Nicolás Faunes, flutist at the Teatro del Lago Ensemble.


An unforgettable concert that invites you to discover the identity of a movement marked by the poetic, the indefinable and subjective, by the musicians of the Teatro del Lago Ensemble.


“From Russia with Love” performed by the Teatro del Lago Ensemble and with the special participation of the pianist Ricardo Bahamondez.


“From Russia with Love” is a journey around the music of the late 19th century in that country. Immersed already in this era, full of musical romanticism and installed in a period of great creation, the public will be able to enjoy the works that are inscribed to the important Movement of the Five of Russia, in the company of notable figures such as Borodín and Mikhail Glinka.


The concert repertoire includes works such as “Ojos Negros” (traditional Russian folk song) by Hermann / Gerdel, “Suite del Ballet Romeo y Julieta” by Sergei Prokofiev, “Nocturno” by P.I. Tchaikovsky and Aleksandr Borodin’s “Quartet in D Major”.


An invitation to learn about the music composed in these two periods of Russia at the end of the 19th century, without judging or classifying the works of the authors, but rather to listen to them based on the element that unifies them: love.


Russia was vetoed from all artistic joy for centuries by an ascetic religious repression that lasted until the 18th century and it was at the end of the 19th century and thanks to artists from Italy, that the scene of the Moscow and St. Petersburg opera began to change. This nation quickly became one of the most prolific and inspiring creative sources of all time.


The Resident Ensemble Teatro del Lago is a group currently composed of musicians Nicolás Faunes (flute), Pablo Silva (cello) and Cristina Naranjo (piano). In addition to being part of the artistic program of Teatro del Lago, these musicians are professors at the School of Theater Arts and carry out an outstanding work in the musical diffusion, educational and extension activities.


Concert “Bossa Nova Night” will be broadcast, performed by the Teatro del Lago Ensemble with the invited musicians: Daniela Conejero (voice and percussion), Raúl Céspedes (guitar, arrangements and direction) musical), Milton Russell (double bass) and Luis Barrueto (drums). A selection of the best of the presentation made by the musicians in 2019, on the main stage of Teatro del Lago.


The public will enjoy the warm rhythms of samba, bossa, choro and other genres of Brazilian popular music, in acoustic format and with arrangements of detail that reminds us of how in the 1960s this local product opened Brazil to the showcases of the world, bossa nova being its number one export fruit. At the same time, those who attend will hear some of Chico Buarque’s most famous mixed duets, the largest and most representative composer in Brazil.


Classics such as “Garota de Ipanema” and “Berimbau” by Vinícius de Moraes and Tom Jobim, “A mais bonita” and “O que sera” both by Chico Buarque, to name a few, will be present at this unforgettable concert where there will be a great variety of rhythms, such as slow waltzes, fast frevos, marches, samba-song, all presented with a classic duo of female and male voices by Daniela Conejero and Nicolás Faunes.

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