Theatro da Paz de Belém

Address: Rua da Paz S/N – Centro – Belém-PA – Amazônia – Brasil – CEP: 66.017-210
Phone: +55 91 4009 8752


Abstract: Belém is a city with a rich musical tradition due to the Jesuit heritage of the Portuguese settlers and the rubber trading period, known as Belle Époque, when the first opera house in northern Brazil was built – the Theatro da Paz. Belém is known as a barn of musicians, both classical and popular. With a population of about 1.5 million, Belém has four symphony orchestras, various choirs, symphonic bands, jazz band, as well as a plethora of folk and popular music groups. With 141 years of cultural activities, today the Theatro da Paz has two fixed musical bodies, the Symphony Orchestra Theatro da Paz and the Amazon Jazz Band. This year holds the 18th version of the Opera Festival, a season of symphonic concerts, a season of jazz concerts, among other artistic activities of various genres.