Centro de Extensión Artística y Cultural – CEAC Universidad de Chile

Name of billing: Centro de Extensión Artística y Cultural – CEAC Universidad de Chile
Address: Av. Vicuña Mackenna 79 of. 201, Santiago, Chile.
Phone: +56 2 2978 2203
Web: www.ceacuchile.cl
Facebook: CEAC.UChile


Abstract: The history of the Center for Artistic and Cultural Extension of the University of Chile goes back to the late 1930s, moments when culture and the arts in general were in a state of primary development in the country. Although the CEAC as such was created in 1987, previous organizations founded the long way in which the University of Chile, since its foundation, has worked to promote the artistic and cultural diffusion from its various levels. With the creation of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Chile in 1929, the institution began to play a fundamental role in the development of the cultural life of the country. The arrival of the musicians Armando Carvajal and Domingo Santa Cruz to the dean in 1931, and 1932-1953, respectively, favored a very favorable environment to achieve the institutionalization of the music scene. The creation of Musical Extension Institute also meant the founding of the following dependencies: Chilean Symphony Orchestra (1941), Chilean String Quartet (1941), Ballet School (1941), Chilean National Ballet (1945), University Choir of Chile (1945) Chilean Musical Magazine (1945), Institute of Musical Investigations (1947), Prizes for Work (1947) and Chilean Music Festivals (1948). Subsequently, other artistic organizations were created: Hindemith Wind Quintet, Madrigalist Choir, Chamber Choir of Valparaíso, National Opera and Chamber Ballet, as well as Radio IEM. In 1989 a lease agreement was made with the former Baquedano Theater, thus achieving a place suitable for the requirements of the ensembles and allowing the planning of an Official Season of concerts and ballet, which is now called ” Theater University of Chile “. Currently the CEAC is the most important Center for music, song and dance in the country, dependent on a public university. Among its main features are managing the oldest artistic groups in the country: the Chilean Symphony Orchestra, the Chilean National Ballet, the Symphonic Choir, and the Vocal Camerata that was integrated in the year 2000.


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