Auditorio Nacional del Sodre Dra. Adela Reta

Address: Calle Andes esquina Mercedes, 11100 Montevideo, Uruguay.
Phone: +59 8 2900 7084

Facebook: AuditorioSodre

Instagram: @auditorionacional_sodre

Twitter: @AuditorioSodre


Abstract: The Auditorio Nacional del Sodre Dra. Adela Reta has become a reference for national and regional culture. Officially reopened on November 21, 2009, it is today the space that houses the Sodre’s artistic bodies: the BNS, the Symphony Orchestra, the Youth Orchestra, the National Choir and the Chamber Ensemble, offering artists unbeatable locative conditions both for their daily work as well as for their presentations and shows before the public. With its two rooms, the amphitheater, the rehearsal rooms for the artistic bodies and the stage production workshops, it is a center prepared for the most diverse artistic expressions.