The Fundación Clóvis Salgado announces its first season of digital opera with a series of events that stimulate the sector in Brazil

Priority digital programming includes seminar, classes, lectures, cinema shows, graphic arts exhibition and artistic presentation.


In 2020, a period in which the beginning of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Fundación Clóvis Salgado is combined with new challenges and achievements in the digital universe, the tradition of encounters with operatic art takes different forms through the unprecedented online Opera Season. Planned for the digital environment, the program inaugurates a new way of making, disseminating and reflecting on opera in Brazil and Latin America, bringing a program of debates, classes, lectures, cinema shows, graphic arts exhibition and video exhibition.


According to Eliane Parreiras, president of the Fundación Clóvis Salgado, opera is one of the most complete artistic genres that has been consolidated throughout history and still shows a dynamic contemporary art, moving a wide specialized production chain and of very high cultural value, with vibrant creation in Brazil. “With the impossibility of conducting the traditional season of operations of FCS in person, we developed a structured digital program for valuing and promoting the sector. The season will offer a diverse, multiple, accessible and free program. A milestone in the history of FCS, which will bring together specialists, opera lovers and new audiences to celebrate and promote opera in Brazil”, he celebrates.


The program will run from October to November, and will be distributed among the following activities:




Date: From 13 to 18 October


The discussion tables will deal with the themes: Heritage and contemporaneity; How to compose opera today; Public policies and networking; New actions, new audiences, new theaters; Theaters and orchestras in times of pandemic; Opera and training academies; Women at the opera; Racial diversity in opera; And how is cultural journalism?


The Webinar # OPERATODAY is curated by the cultural manager and journalist Nelson Rubens Kunze, founder, director and editor of Revista Concerto since 1995 and of the Concerto website since 2006, and Flávia Furtado, executive director of the Amazonas Opera Festival and one of the founders of the Brazilian Forum of Opera, Ballet and Concert Music; two names of recognized relevance and contribution about the opera produced in Brazil.


The event will bring together the main professionals working in the production and study of the genre, with representatives from all over the country, ranging from large producers to independent companies, giving a map of the diversity and the different conditions faced by these agents.


Opera Academy | Course, workshops and lectures


Registration for the Lyrical Singers Course: 1st to 8th October 2020

Workshop registration:

Period: 19 October to 22 November 2020


The Academy of Opera offers varied activities with the aim of fostering a great exchange of knowledge and experiences among opera professionals in Brazil – and of these with the entire audience. The course is intended for lyrical singers, and has six modules, with a total workload of 56 hours / class. 12 places will be offered for lyric singers to complete the course and another 10 places for singers who will participate only as listeners of the course, without direct interaction with the teachers. This activity will be offered through prior registration, which can be done through the FCS website from October 1st until October 8th, 2020.


The opera academy is curated by Gabriel Rhein-Schirato, coordinator of the Opera Studio at the Municipal Theater of São Paulo, and who, between 2011 and 2014, served as Assistant Conductor of the Minas Gerais Symphony Orchestra. As curatorial assistant, André Brant, current Assistant Conductor of OSMG and of the Center for Artistic and Technological Training – Cefart, a school that is part of the Palácio das Artes cultural complex. The selection of course participants will be made by Rhein-Schirato and Brant, through the analysis of the curriculum and video material sent by the enrolled students.


Meeting with the Dance Company


Date: October 21, 2020


Members of the Dance Company Palácio das Artes will meet remotely in a Meeting with the Company, an already traditional event that, in this pandemic scenario, was adapted for the online universe. In the opportunity, the participations, contributions and challenges of dancers and dance creators within the operatic production will be discussed. The meeting will take place on October 21st.


Video Cavalleria Rusticana | Aria with Lyrical Choir and Minas Gerais Symphony Orchestra


Date: October 28, 2020


The online Opera Season also includes the participation of the Lyrical Choir and the Minas Gerais Symphony Orchestra, playing Ineggiamo, the most emblematic moment of the opera Cavalleria Rusticana, by Pietro Mascagni. The aria tells a story that takes place on Easter Sunday, when the whole city gathers in prayer in the church, except Santuzza, who, excommunicated, prays outside. The soloist invited to live this role of Santuzza is Andreia de Paula, a member of the Lyrical Choir. The video will also feature the special participation of Argentine conductor Hernán Sanchéz.


Opera in Poster Exhibition


Date: October 29, 2020 to November 29, 2020


An operatic production is synonymous with multiple languages: from the vocal expression of the soloists to the assembly of the visual identity of the show. Thinking of the versatility and richness of all these expressions, the Fundación Clóvis Salgado brings to the virtual season two ways of learning and admiring opera: through cinema and graphic arts.


Each operatic production created by Fundación Clóvis Salgado has a visual identity created especially for the season in question and reveals much of the artistic production of the moment. The exhibition Opera in Poster will bring together emblematic posters and librettos produced by the institution since the 1970s. The curatorship of the exhibition is by Uiara Azevedo, Visual Arts Manager at FCS. Access to the digital version of the exhibition will be available on the institution’s website from October 29, and the face-to-face exhibition, which will occupy the PQNA Galeria Pedro Moraleida, at the Palácio das Artes, will also be held from that date, if the authorities sanitary facilities free visitation to galleries, museums and similar activities.


Film and Opera Show: Dialogues


The online cinema exhibition Cinema e Ópera: Diálogo, scheduled to start in the first week of November, is curated by journalist and music critic João Luiz Sampaio, executive editor of Revista Concerto, collaborator of the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo and organizer of the collection “Ópera à Brasileira”, a work that gathers articles by experts on the presence of the genre in the national territory, its transformations, functions and differentials. Four sessions of the cinema exhibition will be commented on by the curator himself after the screenings of the films.


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