Escena Digital, the innovative solution for the promotion of Latin American artists

The digital platform, developed with the support of OLA and the theatres of the network, makes the work of Latin American artists visible to the region and the rest of the world. Building up the first digital community for the promotion of shows that brings together Latin American theatres and artists in a single window.


The platform, Escena Digital recently inaugurated its section for artists who have participated in OLA’s theatre seasons, and it already has more than 80 professionals from the sector from 9 Latin American countries.

During the first stage, the space was opened to solo singers and recently we added the professional profiles of stage director, conductor, choreographer, musician, Lightning designer and composer.



Due to the COVID 19 crisis and the accelerated digital transformation that the world began to experience, the section for artists was inaugurated, opening the space to solo singers in the first instance. The objective was to support this sector particularly hit by the crisis due to the suspension of the opera seasons.


Along with the opening of the section, a cycle of webinars with international guests such as Ramón Vargas, Ailyn Pérez and Isabel Leonard, who in these moments of pause have contributed with their experiences, also began. Leonard herself comments that “these last five months have been incredibly difficult for the performing arts community. Many artists find themselves depressed, lost, and unfortunately in financial stress. But it has been a pleasure to connect with all the artists during this time. The community is something that we do not always have easily and this time, despite all its pain, it has given us time to reconnect ”.


At the same time, due to the signing of the agreement with the European Opera for Peace Foundation, conferences on career development and personal branding have been held, among other topics.


The research developed by OLA during the years prior to the creation of this innovative platform, showed that the vast majority of Latin American artists do not have agents or managers, so they promote their careers on social networks and their own webssites.


With Escena Digital, for the first time the community of Latin American artists meets in the same place. On the one hand, this encourages the creation of a specialized professional community and, on the other, facilitates the connection of those who seek to hire or learn about the offer in the region: artistic directors, casting directors or agencies.


And this has been very useful for artists. In the words of Mario Chang, Guatemalan tenor member of the platform, “Escena Digital and the work it does is essential to be able to connect and develop the lyric genre in Latin America. The region has a lot of talent and this space connects, unites and encourages the growth and communication between artists, theatres and productions, which is of vital importance for the sustainability of our art over time. We needed a space like this to get to know each other, open a space for dialogue and grow together ”.


A similar opinion is shared by the Mexican soprano Enivia Muré, who considers that it has given her “the opportunity to open my artistic path towards new horizons. I appreciate that the team at the head of this initiative is humane and attentive to my artistic needs and that it seeks quality above all else, in addition to promoting communication and training among the various groups of artists, promoters and creators with creative activities that have given us new ways of making our art ”.


Regarding the practical aspects of the page, the Chilean tenor Rony Ancavil ensures that it is a friendly and specific platform. “One of the points that I highlight is that when completing the profile you can analyze, in addition to the development of your career, which may be the aspects that one has overlooked or omitted and that can be further enhanced. For example, updated photo sessions, audiovisual content, management of social networks, to mention a few items. This transforms it into an excellent space to show the work as a lyrical singer in front of the cultural industry ”.


In addition to singers, the platform has just inaugurated new professional profiles such as stage director, conductor, choreographer, musician, lightning designer and composer; which have had a great reception from the artistic community.



About Escena Digital


Escena Digital was conceived as a participatory development between the OLA office, the members of the network and the artists of the sector. It was financed by two grants from CORFO – Start Up Chile, in 2018 and 2019. In 2018 it was selected as one of the most important Latin American innovations by the Demand Solutions event of the Inter-American Development Bank.


Escena Digital is a platform that encourages exchange and circulation open to all -theatres, festivals, companies and artists. Through a catalogue system, which is accessed through subscription payment, ESCENA members can present their spaces, productions and work, accessing a wider market.


Theatres that produce opera or ballet can generate income by renting or selling their already released productions. On the other hand, theatres that do not have the capacity to produce can access quality production information and obtain a better price than producing them themselves. Making budgets more efficient and a more varied program.