In its anniversary month, the Maule Regional Theater reopens its doors

Its commemorative billboard highlights a lyrical gala based on the original peoples in opera and a concert by the Orquesta Clásica del Maule that pays tribute to García Lorca.


After months with a billboard in online mode, the Maule Regional Theater (TRM) will reopen its doors to develop four face-to-face events as part of a new anniversary.


The cultural institution of all the Maulinos and Maulinas prepared to offer its public the opportunity to see performing artistic expressions in one of the most important rooms in the country, maintaining a strict sanitary protocol and with reduced capacity.


Victoria Flores, Executive Secretary of the TRM, mentioned that there is a high interest and expectations on the part of the team and artists to return to face-to-face events. “Although the pandemic forced us to relate in a different way and the online billboard presented by the TRM was well received, there is nothing that compares with the experience of going to the theater and seeing an artistic expression live and direct. We are happy and what better way than this for our sixteenth anniversary ”.


Flores took the opportunity to highlight the sustained contribution that her institution has had on the part of the Maulina authorities, which has allowed them to give continuity to the work of the TRM. “The Regional Government of Maule and its advisers have continuously contributed to the cultural development of the region, carrying out actions of diverse scope and impact, including support for the Maule Regional Theater, its growth and development, and the stability of the Orquesta Clásica del Maule ”.


Stage director Rodrigo Navarrete.


The anniversary month begins on Friday, September 10 with the lyrical gala Native peoples in the opera, a stage production that includes a dozen national singers, in the company of the pianist Verónica Torres. This is how the sopranos Paulina González, Marcela González, Francisca Cristopulos, Paloma Rojas and Grete Buseniuss; the mezzo-soprano, María Luisa Merino; the countertenor, Boris Bustos; the tenors Nicolás Vázquez and Sergio Jaime; and finally the baritone Javier Weibel, will give life to a repertoire that captures the identities and worldview of the native cultures of America and how the encounter with the European colonizers was.


This artistic proposal led by the renowned stage director Rodrigo Navarrete, considers pictorial projections of relevant visual artists, such as Eduardo Rapimán and Inés Fantuzzi.


The renowned registrar clarifies that this lyrical gala has its peculiarities, in addition to being a music show, it will also be with visual stimuli, with a staging that brings the public closer to relevant and contingent issues, such as the original peoples of America. “The Lyrical Gala had an arduous search for some scores that are not known, and based on that the singers were chosen, in addition to the visual work of Eduardo Rapimán and Inés Fantuzzi, so I hope that the visual is a complement to the music and that helps to reinforce the total meaning of the concert and of the arias in particular ”.




On Friday September 24 it is the turn of the Orquesta Clásica del Maule, a cast that will present an anniversary concert called Tribute to García Lorca. Under the principal direction of Maestro Francisco Rettig, the main cast of the TRM to present a concert composed of two important compositions of the 20th century, the first is the work created by the Mexican Silvestre Revueltas as a result of the death of the famous Spanish poet and playwright; and continues with the first concerto grosso of the Swiss musician, nationalized American, Ernest Bloch.


The specialized journalist and music critic Álvaro Gallegos highlighted the work that the TRM has developed in lyrical productions in recent times. “Each annual opera title that the theater has offered has been carried out with all the high standards that this genre requires… Regarding the lyrical gala this month, we must value the innovative repertoire that it offers. Instead of the arch-repeating numbers of the most popular operas, this selection focuses on lesser-known titles, but whose plots are set in the Americas. Thus, we will listen to fragments of Alzira by Verdi (whose story takes place in Peru), Fernand Cortez by Spontini, Montezuma by Graun, Porgy & Bess by Gershwin, and two of the pioneering Chilean operas, Lautaro by Eliodoro Ortíz de Zárate and Caupolicán de Remigio Acevedo ”.


All tickets can be purchased online through the Vivo Ticket system.