The Teatro Colón in Bogotá offers free courses in performing arts technique, production and management

The Bogota Coliseum has open the calls for its July workshops, which will focus on topics such as multimedia reproduction for live shows and a laboratory for the inclusion of new audiences.


The Teatro Colón in Bogotá has already opened the calls for the virtual workshops to be held during July. There will be two courses that will address topics such as software for the transmission of live events and also guidelines for the inclusion of new audiences in the opera.


Below we give you the details of the courses for which there are still places available, as well as the instructions you must follow when applying.


QLab basics


QLab is a cues-based multimedia playback software (audio, video, lighting) designed for live shows. During the course, the different tools offered by the program and their application in the different shows will be learned, as well as the knowledge of the interface (workspace) and its basic principles such as inspector, basics, cue triggers, creation of cues and how to give them a objective (target).


Keyboard shortcuts, actions on cues, audio cues and effects as well as video cues, projection surfaces (surfaces) and effects and the OSC control will also be explained.


Dates and times: June 28, June 30 and July 2 / 8:00 to 10:00 AM


Hourly intensity: 6 hours


Workshop: Andrea Quintero Castro (engineer of the Teatro Colón)


Special requirements: It is essential that the person taking the course has a Mac computer with QLab software installed (free).


Virtual laboratory: Actions for the inclusion of new audiences


The question of the approach, appropriation and loyalty of audiences is essential for today’s musicians. It is not enough with the process of musical creation or interpretation, but the musicians must have tools so that their work reaches diverse population groups and to be able to direct workshops to people with particular needs (disabilities, victims of the conflict, older adults, among others) .


The objective of this space is to identify the barriers that prevent access to the cultural offer to diverse and numerous audiences, and to develop a laboratory for musical creation of virtual participatory actions to be put into practice. Likewise, the tools will be provided for the participants to create and carry out participatory actions to involve and sensitize the public of the music sector.


  • Dates and times: July 5, 12, 19 and 26 and August 2 / 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM


  • Talleristas: Sara Luengas (mediation and training advisor at Teatro Colón), Omar Shahryar (musician, composer and mediator, Schmopera Company)


  • Hourly intensity: 12 hours


  • Special requirements: Good oral comprehension and expression in English.




Those interested may apply from anywhere in the world to participate in seven workshops dictated by experts from the Theater and special guests, who will make their experience and knowledge available to train Colombians.


Once they enter, they must include a profile of maximum 300 words, in which they expose their training and experience in the area to which they are applying. Also a motivational text of maximum 300 words explaining why they want to participate in the course.


The courses will be offered through the Virtual Platform for the Arts, an initiative of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia that aims to strengthen and expand the knowledge and artistic skills of Colombians, through master classes, panels, talks and workshops. free virtual machines led by experts. Each one has a maximum capacity for 30 people.