From stage to screen: The digital alternative of Teatro del Bicentenario of San Juan

Some of the productions already available are El Mesías with choreography by Mauricio Wainrot and the Spanish version of Mozart’s classic, The Magic Flute, world premiere on the San Juan stage in 2019. You can also enjoy lyrical galas and interviews with artists of these productions.


The Ministry of Tourism and Culture launches “From stage to screen”, an opportunity to enjoy the Teatro del Bicentenario of San Juan for free from your home.

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“From stage to screen” will allow access to content created by Teatro del Bicentenario of San Juan for free; You only have to enter and you will be able to relive the Theater special on its Third Anniversary, the challenge of creating the TB for San Juan and the cultural and tourist mark it generates.


Furthermore, Händel’s immortal work, The Messiah, with choreography by the great master Mauricio Wainrot;masterful opera The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with original staging for Eugenio Zanetti; the special in which the process of creating the world premiere in Spanish ofis exhibited The Magic Flute; interviews with artists and directors; and concert the Ball State University Lyric Gala.


You can also get to know Teatro del Bicentenario of San Juan through a 360º virtual visit at:


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Live mini concert by the talented pianist and composer from Santa Fe, Silas Bassa, who has been living in France for almost 2 decades, exclusively for Teatro del Bicentenario of San Juan and which may be enjoyed from any corner of the world. To access you just have to be attentive, a few minutes before 18, and enter this link.


For this mini concert, Silas prepared a repertoire, at times minimalist, at times impressionistic, in which he will tour different soundscapes, where the hypnotic complexity of Philip Glass arises, goes through the repetitive sentiment of Erik Satie, the telluric churning of the chords by Carlos Guastavino, interrelated with each other with their own creations.