Brazilian Singing Contest María Callas presents the winners of her 18th Edition 

Carried out for the first time online and with an international jury, the 18th Brazilian Singing Contest María Callas announced the 10 winners for all vocal categories and a special prize chosen by the public via Facebook.



74 candidates participatingorn Initiative Cia Opera São Paulo to carry out the María Callas online contest and 21 were chosen for the final. The money awards for the vocal categories of best soprano, best mezzo-soprano The contralto, best tenor, best baritone, best bass or bass-baritone, and best countertenor or contralista were under the responsibility of the highest artistic and professional classification jury, which chose 6 candidates. The José Esper Netto Award – Best Singer Chosen by the Public had an open vote on Facebook and resulted in one more award. In addition to the prizes offered by collaborators and institutions that support the event. 


“On behalf of the Cia Ópera São Paulo we would like to thank the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, the Amigos da Arte, the Municipal City Council of Jacareí, through its Fundação Cultural de Jacarehy -” José Maria de Abreu ”, to the Amigos da Ópera de Jacareí, to all the participants that together with us spared no effort so that the 18th Brazilian Singing Contest María Callas could pass and, naturally, the jury of the highest artistic classification around the world that He fed us with his positivism and congratulations on this unprecedented achievement in our continent. We wish not only the winners, all the participants an auspicious race. May God enlighten you all on this path! ” Paulo Abrão Esper, General and Artistic Director of the Cia Ópera São Paulo and the Brazilian Singing Contest María Callas. 



Best Soprano Award: Luiza Willert | Brazil R$ 2,000.00 (Two thousand reais).

Best mezzo-soprano or contralto award:  Cintia Graton (mezzo-soprano) | Brazil R$ 2,000.00 (two thousand reais).

Best Tenor Award: Vitorio Scarpi | Brazil R$ 2,000.00 (Two thousand reais).

Best Baritone Award: João Vitor Ladeira | Brazil R$ 2,000.00 (two thousand reais).

Best Bass or Bass Baritone Award: Álvaro Carrillo Rodríguez (bajo-baritone) | Venezuela R$ 2,000.00 (Two thousand reais).

Best Counter Contractor Counter-Contractor Award: Sàvio Faschét (countertenor) | Brazil R$ 2,000.00 (Two thousand reais).

“José Esper Netto” Special Prize Best Singer Chosen by the Facebook Public: Ramon Mundin (tenor) | Brazil (with 5,860 positive reactions) R$ 1,000.00 (One thousand reais).



Cia. Opera São Paulo Season: Raquel Paulin (soprano) | Brazil– Il Guarany Opera Award – to be confirmed from September 2020. 

9th Edition of the Meeting of Tenors of Brazil in Manaus: Vitorio Scarpi (tenor) | Brazil.

Taubaté Symphony Orchestra – Season 2020: Vitorio Scarpi (tenor) | Brasil e Luiza Willert (soprano) | Brasil.

Recital Toriba Musical 2020 Series Campos do Jordão: Luiza Willert (soprano) | Brasil e Bárbara Brasil (mezzo-soprano) | Brazil – date to be confirmed Sàvio Faschét (countertenor) | Brasil e Ludmilla Thompson (soprano) | Brazil – date to be confirmed.

Artistic Culture – Scholarship for Studies within the Magda Tagliaferro program: will be announced one selected for this award soon. 


The jury made up of 20 professionals from Brazil, Spain, Italy, England, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico; had to Brazilian maestro Luiz Fernando Malheiro, Director Artístico of Festival Amazonas de Ópera, as president of the jury; in addition to critics, singers of unquestionable fame on the lyrical scene, directors of specialized magazines and artistic agents. Among the Brazilian authorities estuvor composer, João Guilherme Ripper President of the Brazilian Academy of Music and Director of Sala Cecilia Meireles in Rio de Janeiro and Jorge Coli, teacher, musical critic and librettist.