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With productions with virtual scenarios Opera Quanta begins its lyrical season

Opera Quanta begins its concert season on August 21 and 22 at the Teatro Patria, with a unique and innovative staging. Since its inception, in 2013 Opera Quanta has sought to generate experiences to bring the genre of opera to all audiences.

Ópera Quanta begins its season of presentations on August 21 and 22 at the Teatro Patria de Bogotá, with a new format that includes virtual scenarios achieved with mapping and a narrator that contextualizes the history of each of the pieces performed.

“We understand that we are part of a society that has not had a tradition of listening to the opera genre and that we must therefore educate ourselves in a fun and creative way. We understand that in the present times we must be bolder to conquer the public that has not approached opera and that is why our concerts contain elements that facilitate understanding what is the key for the new audience to fall in love with the genre. Do opera for all”, say Adriana Rojas, Creative Director of Ópera Quanta. All the staging features a projection of the scenarios in video mapping that not only set the scene, but create unforgettable experiences, tell stories and lead the viewer to listen to opera while keeping it expectant. ”

© CM Lema

The presentations of August 21 and 22 will feature artists such as Soprano Viviana Rojas, Soprano Diana Muñoz and Baritone Juan Camilo Acuña; who will perform pieces by Rossini, Bizet, Verdi among others.

In this way we also create spaces in which the best young Colombian lyric singers can bring the magic of art to others and thus fulfill the important role they have in society,” says Rojas. 


August 21: Concert
The soprano Viviana Rojas and the tenor Andrés Felipe Agudelo will be presented accompanied by the Cuban pianist Beatriz Batista.

 August 22: Anthology
Seven singers accompanied by a chamber orchestra will recreate great moments of the opera. During the staging, a narrator contextualizes each of the pieces in a fun way.