Chilean composers from different generations come together in new cycle of successful broadcast “In Crescendo”

After more than 25 episodes with weekly premieres, the space launches a cycle of four concerts dedicated to national music, which includes the world premiere of a piece written by the young composer Tomás Brantmayer, as well as works by Cirilo Vila, Guillermo Rifo, Valeria Valle, Enrique Soro, Jorge Pepi-Alós, Miguel Farías, Guillermo Rojas and Wilfried Junge.


Chilean musical history has been built by great composers who with their works have forged the cultural and sound identity of the country, as well as its image abroad. From the classic and innovative pieces by masters that marked the beginnings of learned music in Chile, to the new sounds of the current generations of national composers, is what the public will be able to enjoy in the new cycle that CEAC TV will present of ” In Crescendo ”, which will go every Friday and Saturday at 7:40 p.m., between June 18 and July 10.


The program includes the presentation of some musicians who make up the National Symphony Orchestra of Chile, interpreting solo pieces and forming ensembles that will start in a duo, gradually increasing until ending with a sextet. In this way, they will give life to works by renowned masters such as Cirilo Vila, with Autumn Leaves for solo flute, and Enrique Soro, with Quartet in A Major.



Flautist Carmen Almarza – Photo: Priscilla Rodríguez


In addition, space will be given to the contributions of other outstanding contemporary musicians, such as the double bass player of the National Symphony Orchestra of Chile, Guillermo Rojas, with Ensemble Works; the pianist Jorge Pepi-Alós, with Estravagario; the multifaceted percussionist Guillermo Rifo, with “Jarana” for flute and percussion; and the conductor Wilfried Junge, with Quintet for winds.


They are also joined by representatives of the new generations, artists who despite their youth already have a long history and who have established themselves in the music scene, with avant-garde works that reinvent the classic and generate a personal stamp. In this way, Miguel Farías will be present, with his work Songs of Time; Valeria Valle, with Scapegoat for oboe, vibraphone and piano; and the young composer Tomás Brantmayer, whose creation, Bautismo de fuego, will be premiered worldwide in this cycle.


Regarding this new work, Brantmayer comments that “It is a diptych made up of two pieces for a string quartet. The first one, My love burns like a bonzo, written in ABA structure and the second, There is a black fire inside me, in flight procedure. Although they do not have a representative ambition, both pieces function as a sort of diary of notes on the place that fire occupies in the urban landscape of the new Chile “, he explains.



Celso López and Luis Alberto Latorre. Photo: Patricio Melo


Thus, through this series of concerts, the invitation is to meet – and recognize – some of the great Chilean composers and their invaluable contribution in the field of learned music, both nationally and internationally. In addition, enjoy the variety of styles of his works and at the same time inquire into his sound, artistic and visual inspirations, which transform his legacy into an integral and transversal experience.


Friday 18 (premiere) and Saturday 19 June (repeat), 7:40 p.m.


1, 2 and 3 (solo, duet and trio)
Cirilo Vila – Autumn Leaves for solo flute

Hernán Jara, flute

Guillermo Rifo – “Jarana” for flute and percussion

Hernán Jara, flute / Juan Coderch, percussion

Valeria Valle – Scapegoat for oboe, vibraphone and piano
Guillermo Milla, oboe / Gerardo Salazar, percussion / Luis Alberto Latorre, piano


Friday 25 (premiere) and Saturday 26 June (repeat), 7:40 p.m.


4 (quartet)
Enrique Soro – Quartet in A Major
Thomas Brantmayer – Baptism of Fire (World Premiere)
Héctor Viveros, violin / Rodrigo Pozo, violin / Jorge Cortés, viola / Nicolás Benavides, cello


Friday 2 (premiere) and Saturday 3 July (repeat), 7:40 p.m.


5 (quintet)

Jorge Pepi-Alós – Estravagario
Miguel Farías – Songs of Time
Patricio Sabaté, baritone / Guillermo Lavado, flute / Celso López, cello / Luis Alberto Latorre, piano
Director: Rodolfo Saglimbeni


Friday 9 (premiere) and Saturday 10 July (repeat), 7:40 p.m.


5 and 6 (quintet and sextet)

Wilfried Junge – Wind Quintet
Rodrigo Herrera, oboe / Carmen Almarza, flute / Efraín Vidal, bassoon / Alejandro Ortiz, clarinet / Ricardo Aguilera, French horn

Guillermo Rojas – Ensemble Works: Chiloé – Fantasy – Cachimbo Iquiqueño
Héctor Viveros, violin / Rodrigo Pozo, violin / Jorge Cortés, viola / Cristián Gutiérrez, cello / Héctor Leyton, double bass / Guillermo Rojas, piano
Director: Rodolfo Saglimbeni