Teatros del Canal de la Comunidad de Madrid

Name of billing: Clece, S.A
Address: C/Cea Bermúdez, 1. 28003 Madrid. España.
Phone: +34 9 1308 9999
Web: www.teatroscanal.com
Facebook: TeatrosCanal


Abstract: The Teatros del Canal is a performing arts center opened in 2009 and located in the central Madrid district of Chamberí. Property of Canal de Isabel II, to which they owe their name and dependent on the Community of Madrid, its artistic director was the playwright, actor and director Albert Boadella who left the address in 2016. The theater directors Alex Rigola and the performing arts commission Natalia Álvarez Simó are co-directing the Teatros del Canal. The architectural complex of the Teatros del Canal has more than 35,000 square meters, designed by the architect Juan Navarro Baldeweg. There are three theaters, the Red Room, the Green Room and the Black Room, and the Canal Dance Center (CDC), a building integrated in the Theaters with nine rehearsal rooms with modern technical equipment. The programming of the Teatros del Canal includes theater, dance, zarzuela, opera, cabaret, children’s theater, classical and contemporary concerts. Annually hosts a hundred performances.