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Teatro Solís de Montevideo

Name of billing: Intendencia de Montevideo
Address: Reconquista s/n Montevideo, Uruguay.
Phone: +059 82 1950 3323
Facebook: teatrosolis


Abstract: The Solís Theater is a patrimonial cultural center referring to the performing arts in Uruguay, founded on August 25, 1856. It is a public service committed to the artistic, cultural, urban and touristic development of Montevideo. Its main tool is the artistic fact, seeking to generate a classic and innovative repertoire at the same time, which aims at diverse audiences. With a program that gives an account of the relationship with history, showing the ability to integrate the local with the global; promotes new talents in dance, music and theater. The National Comedy, Philharmonic Orchestra of Montevideo and the Montevideo Symphonic Band are its stable cast. As allies that build part of the best history of this theater, we find the Montevideo Symphonic Band, Montevideo Dance Cycle, JazzTour, among others.


septiembre, 2020

Sin eventos