Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo de Bogotá

Name of billing: Alianza Fiduciaria S.A. Fidecomiso Teatro Mayor
Address: Avenida Calle 170 NO. 67-51 San José De Bavaria, Bogotá, Colombia.
Phone: +57 1377 8640
Web: www.teatromayor.org
Facebook: TeatroMayorJulioMarioSantoDomingo


Abstract: The Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo opened its doors on May 26, 2010. It consists of two rooms: the Teatro Mayor (1,320 spectators) and the Estudio Theater (334 spectators). It is a City Theater, managed and managed thanks to an alliance between the private sector and the district administration, through the Ministry of Culture, Recreation and Sports and the District Institute of the Arts. It presents shows of the performing arts of Colombia and the world, through five seasons: Music, Dance, Theater, Family and Festivals. Every two years it organizes the International Classical Music Festival of Bogotá, which dedicates each edition to a composer or a musical movement. In addition to this, it has important social projects such as One Hundred Thousand Children, through which children and young people from district schools are invited to witness different shows; the Digital Theater, a platform through which shows are broadcast free of charge via streaming.


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