Sinfonía por el Perú

Name of billing: Asociación Orquestas Infantiles y Juveniles del Perú
Address: Av. Larco 724 piso 10 Distrito de Miraflores, Lima, Perú.
Phone: +55 444 3321
Facebook: Sinfoniaporelperu/


Abstract: Sinfonía por el Perú is a social program chaired by Juan Diego Flórez, which through music and a methodology aimed at personal and social development, seeks to positively impact the lives of children and young people in Peru who live in situations of risk and vulnerability . Currently Symphony for Peru has 20 cores in 9 regions of the country, attended by 7,000 children and young people every day, forming different groups: symphony orchestras, big bands, traditional Peruvian ensemble and choirs; besides lutería workshops (repair and construction of musical instruments).
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