Festival Amazonas de Ópera

Name of billing: Festival Amazonas de Ópera de Manaus
Address: Avenida Eduardo Ribeiro, Centro, Manaus – AM, 69025-140, Brasil.
Phone: +55 9 2232 1768
Web: www.theatromunicipal.org.br
Facebook: theatromunicipalsp

Abstract: The Festival Amazonas de Ópera (Amazonas Opera Festival) is an annual festival of opera presented in the Amazon Theatre (Teatro Amazonas) in Manaus, Brazil. The Amazonas Philharmonic is the official orchestra of the Festival, which is held every year from March until May. In 2011 the orchestra completed its 15th consecutive year of participation in the festival. In April 2008, the opera, Ça Ira by Roger Waters (from the musical group, Pink Floyd) was performed by the Amazonas Philharmonic at the opening of the XII Festival Amazonas de Ópera, with Luiz Fernando Malheiro conducting.

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