The Mexican Ópera de Bellas Artes begins its 2022 season

With the cantata David Penitente K. 469 by W.A. Mozart, the Mexican Fine Arts Opera begins face-to-face activities for its 2022 season. The concert will have two dates (April 7 and 10) and will be conducted by Iván López Reynoso.


The Fine Arts Opera will begin its face-to-face activities for the 2022 season, with Mozart’s cantata Penitent David K. 469. One of the most important sacred works of his and, however, little presented in the world. With text based on Saverio Mattei’s translation of the book of Psalms and the First Book of Samuel, from the Old Testament.


Penitent David K. 469, is a work of great beauty, inspired by David’s psalms, both penitential and joyous, which stands out for its memorable choirs, its exquisite writing for breaths and solo arias.


Functions at the Palace of Fine Arts: April 7 and 10.